Spiritual Fitness

The Spiritual section of the program is essential and yet unique. As youth are equipped, they will experience and atmosphere that is not able to be put into words or easily explained. m.F.c. will and does reflect the character and lifestyle of Biblical integrity as the primary focus of the organization. in its entirety.

We aspire to portray God through every facet of communication, most of all, through the compassion that is lived out through all who are a part of this outreach program. In the event that any one youth chooses this valuable portion of the program to further their equipping process toward their new lives, which will not be forced, this portion will be applied. At the same time, those youth that do not choose to participate in this stage will see the fruits of it through staff and others that are involved. Regardless, it is open for all to participate.

The spiritual equipping starts with the staff. We will reflect spiritual characteristics through integrity, behavior, speech, language, and most of all by our compassion. Through us leading by example, attention is drawn from those participating. In each occurrence, a spiritual foundation is established, creating discipleship. Discipleship means building a Biblical foundation with integrity to the Word, through foundational principles, and through value-based studies linked with spiritual disciplines. Spiritual disciplines are reading the Word with purpose, praying, fasting, and revealing the reality of the Gospel message through our character and our lifestyle. The conclusion of this curriculum in its totality begins and ends with the spiritual portion, and yet remains optional for all involved with the program.