Physical Fitness

The physical section of our program is almost the most essential, following Spirituality. However, physical and spiritual portions of our program go hand in hand. The physical portion is based on four separate areas of focus: Discipline, Determination, Diet and Exercise. In the first principle, discipline, has four aspects. These are adequate sleep, motivation, waking up, and purpose. For this discipline, it is necessary to assess a participant’s determination, which will be done on an individual basis. Each participant will determine and profess their own intentions for what they are attempting to achieve. The first step of discipline is goal setting. Goals need to be determined through question and answer sessions with each participant on an individual basis. Achievement records, based on goals set, will be used to celebrate each achievement made consistent with set long and short-term goals.

Goal setting is necessary for the second area of focus, determination, and produces a visual objective to be met. In line with these first two portions of this section, Discipline (which is learned over a period of training), and Determination, comes Diet. Dieting is very extensive yet can be put into simple terminology such as Nutritional Timing (what, when, why) to eat what you eat and how it needs to be eaten.

The final area of this module is based around exercise. Exercise is the factor that bridges the physical portion of the curriculum with that of diet, determination and discipline. This section contains the practices of strength, endurance, cardio, and weight loss training. The recreation aspect involves obstacle course, paintball, repelling, capture the flag, and various types of ball sports (basketball, soccer, handball, etc.). These activities incorporate important values such as teamwork, resourcefulness, attitude, communication concepts, and M.F.C – JUNE 2019 5 more. The last part of the physical portion also parallels with the entirety of the program, especially with the final and most important aspect, Spiritual fitness.