G.E.D. Program

G.E.D. tests cover the same subjects that are taught in high school. The five subjects are writing skills, science, interpreting literature and arts, social studies and mathematics. They will not be required to know all the information that is normally taught in high schools, however, they will be tested on their ability to read and process information. Once they pass the G.E.D. test, they will each receive a certificate that is regarded as being equivalent to a high school diploma. Employers in private as well as government industry as well as admission officers in universities accept G.E.D. certificate like a high school diploma. The teachers teaching the class will stress on the following questions and skill steps:

• The importance the G.E.D. test
• How to prepare for the G.E.D. test
• Knowledge to pass the G.E.D. test
• Test taking skills
• Study skills
• Taking the test