Economic Fitness

The social module will bridge into the economic portion of the curriculum. The economic aspect of the program is not to educate the youth on an in-depth level of economics, but to merely equip them with the basic living principles on economic values and availability. This module consists of income sources and resources, financial resources, money management, budgeting, and essential necessity-based living (wants versus needs). Income sources show participants areas in which they can generate an income. These sources consist of volunteer opportunities to prove work ethic. Temporary agencies will also be a source. Through this employment is a great possibility to obtain permanent job placement depending on performance. Personal businesses, services and industrial maintenance
industries are also possible avenues for employment. These businesses have high employment turnovers and create the opportunity to be able to be able to generate legitimate income, and show work performance. This will open greater opportunities for future and permanent employment or contract to hire.

Financial resourcefulness is also taught to participants in how to utilize programs offered by government agencies. These programs stem from Welfare, WIC, Medicaid, Medical, HUD, etc. … These assistance programs will be taught for necessity, not as a primary course of action. Other programs that will be encouraged as a primary course of action will be educational programs and all forms of aid, such as grants, scholarships, and work study programs for higher education. In addition, money management will be taught and practiced. This consists of learning how to spend and utilize any monetary gains properly in the most efficient ways, through budgeting and needs over wants. These areas will focus on expenses of housing, living, transportation, essentials, etc. These areas are essentials for all youth. To gain responsibility and ability every individual must achieve success and be an overcomer. For these economic skills to be effective, discipline needs to be established within the individual, leading to the next module taught, the physical portion of our curriculum.