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A light in darkness

Wet behind my ears entering a world of confinement and evil, Charles Day has ministered our Father’s will for repentance and beginning a personal relationship with God. Amongst wolves Mr. Day stead fast in His word and never gave up meeting with me weekly for teachings. Mid December of 2012, I received the Holy Spirt with Mr. Day. Mr. Day continues to reach out and has been instrumental to my belief for my faith in God.


Friend and Student


I have had the privilege and EXTREME BLESSING to have been both mentored and taught spiritually by My brother Charles Day



A Blessing

You were such a blessing and I love that you took pride in everything for you didn’t do what you did for the money you truly have a heart for the people that you help and I absolutely Love that..You inspired me to work hard even though we are not together God bless you….You Rock!!! 🔥🔥



Charles and my Father’s child

I had the honor of working under you for about a year. What I remember most is you always taking a stand for what is right for those under you. Always willing and ready to get in there and work along side of us. It was a pleasure to have you as a supervisor over me.


Former employee

Review of Charles Day

I have been working with Charles for the past four months and have been incredibly pleased. Charles is very professional, knowledgeable and personalized. He really knows fitness and nutrition, and I have learned a great deal from him. For so far I have lost 15.5 inches and become significantly stronger and have seen the recomposition of my body under his guidance.

I truly enjoy working with Charles and highly recommend him. He is totally dedicated to his profession and is willing to share his knowledge, experience and wisdom. He knows how much to push and when you can do just one more…or…five. Lol!

I feel blessed and privileged to be working with Charles and look always forward to my workouts. I have been hooked on Weight Lifting!

I encourage anyone who is considering a healthier lifestyle or wants to get leaner to hook-up with Charles and let him guide you toward your goals. I thank God and you Charles for changing my body!

Rianna O.