Automotive Repair

For those students with the inclination, their new values can be applied to vehicle restoration projects. These will consist of low riders, hotrods, motorcycles, and even bicycles. The youth involved will learn the principles that the program is centered on by working as a team and restoring these vehicles from the ground up, using their own ideas and labor, a hands-on approach! At the completion of each project, the vehicle will be auctioned off at car shows or raffled off and the proceeds will be used for the youth program and the expansion and new projects to be decided by the youth involved.

The program will consist of nine courses and each course will be 8 weeks long. Part 1 will be designed to develop and provide the students with characteristics needed to understand the course at hand. Part 2 will provide the students with actual hands on experience. The courses will be as follows:

(1) Engines
(2) Brakes
(3) Electrical
(4) Suspension and chassis
(5) Tune-up
(6) Engine performance
(7) Heating and A/C
(8) Automatic transmission
(9) Manual transmission

Once completed, this 72-week training will allow the students to enter the workforce with the skill set needed to achieve favorable outcomes. Moreover, upon successful completion of all the 9 courses, the students will receive a certificate of completion. The program will also provide job placement programs and assist in achieving their Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification.