Agriculture and Horticulture

Students can learn bio-dynamic organic farming while benefiting themselves, families, and their communities. This training will provide the youth with skills and abilities that will assist them in obtaining employment. The agriculture and horticulture class, including hands on participation will meet the requirements of the education department. This will be a one-year program that will consist of:

• Marketable skills
• Farming
• Greenhouse
• Landscaping
• Lawn Maintenance
• Nutrients and fertilizers
• Knowledge of tools required
• Food handling and preparations
• Soil preparations
• Curriculum and testing
• Inspect/fungus/viruses/bacteria control
• Atmospheric factors
• Basic concepts of land management

One of the goals of the course is to introduce wholesome food into the communities. We will produce FDA approved, organically certified fresh vegetables. The certification will enable the product to be introduced and retailed on the open market; the sales are then used to reduce the cost of the youth campus.