About Us

my Father’s child is an organization that targets at-risk, legally liable, troubled, or disadvantaged youth, but does not exclude most on-track youth, in whom to instill a series of values and skills that the home and the current culture do not provide. The organization is broad in scope and unfunded, although in the far end of conception hopes to rely only on itself for sustainability and not on private or corporate donors, though for the first 2 phases of startup these will necessarily be the only sources of funding.

Meet the Team

Executive DirectorCharles Day
Treasurer Vanessa Day
Program Director LaNita Lars
Education Director Chris

Charles Day – Executive Director

Coming from a child hood where I was subject to multiple unfortunate events and abuse such as sexual, mental, verbal, physical abuse and neglect, I found myself finding comfort in the streets of the town I was raised in.

Becoming gang affiliated and active in its associations and lifestyle, I became familiar with the streets which ultimately led to my becoming a high level drug dealer with significant gang affiliations and activities.

After my federal indictment, conviction and sentence of almost a decade and a half, it would not be till my second year of incarceration that the voice my daughter on the phone from a call I made from the hole (shu) in federal prison would change the course of my thinking and motives for how I lived the life I have been blessed to live and gifted to have. Choosing to live for my daughter, and now family, and be the expression of who God redeems, forgives and loves, then give that back, to others, specifically the ones whom I can relate, the adolescent of today’s society, is the heartbeat of mFc (my Fathers child).

We at mFc aspire to love, teach, and be the tool to train, equip and inspire all who come in and through mFc, to be all, and experience all that they were created to be and that God has purposed them to be. This is the heart of this team and organization. To teach them to be Socially, Economically, Physically and Spiritually fit.

Vanessa Day – Treasurer

I come from a broken and dysfunctional family with parents who were incarcerated for drugs and drug addiction. This left myself and my siblings subject to the evils that transpire for children left with no guidance or parental leadership.

This upbringing has caused me to become passionate about ministering life and love to those who have walked along the same lines. Like my husband, having experienced every form of violation and abuse, along with 2 abortions and a still birth, I too can relate and desire to be the expression of God’s love to our hurting generation of youth.

I have been a dedicated Christian for 22 years. I’ve been religious, cynical, questioned faith and them who profess the same,  all to discover that my relationship and the depths of it are just that, MINE. Our younger generation of world changers need to know the same. That their relationship and the outcome of it is not determined from someone else’s’, but with God alone, and their past does not dictate the depths that that relationship can reach or the fruit it can bear.

We at mFc, want to show all who come through this amazing program that they can have, be, and achieve all that they were created to be and were purposed for. That neither their past nor any negative word spoken over them in unbelief can determine the success and abilities they have that have been given them by God to do what He has purposed them for. We just want to be the vessel at mFc to cultivate that in them.

LaNita Lars – Program Director

My name is LaNita Lars and I have worked and volunteered in the criminal justice system for over ten years. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals and have learned the importance of early intervention to prevent the cycle of incarceration. In 2018, I reached out to Charles Day after reading his book, Night and Day. I was inspired by his story and I wanted to find out more about his incarceration experience and transformation.  After speaking with Charles, I learned we both shared the same aspirations regarding helping individuals break the cycle of incarceration.

Our vision is to empower every young person to reach their highest level of potential by instilling healthy principles and values through faith and education. Our goal is to instill within each student a healthy sense of purpose and identity and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to live a successful and productive life. The journey to a great life is achieved one step at a time and we hope to help each student set their feet in the right direction and encourage them to step out to pursue their greatest life.

Chris – Education Director






Our objective is to build my Father’s child as a non-profit, self-supporting entity within 5 years and develop a model that can be replicated in cities all over the country. The startup timeline is expressed in three phases: Phase one, the startup phase is projected to be completed in 18 months. We are calling Phase two the growth phase and expect the quantifiable realization of our mission within 18 months, producing our first graduates. During the two following years of the third phase, we expect to see sustainability, internal expansion, and full portability of the program.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help at-risk and troubled youth establish a firm foundation by training them to become socially, economically, physically and spiritually fit. Thus, our motto: Edifying Society One Youth at A Time.

Keys to Success

The varied histories of the founder, contributors, management, and staff will become an invaluable pool from which to draw to achieve the goals and aspirations outlined in these pages. The program is a holistic approach that will encompass all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, identifying, fostering, and equipping aptitudes.

Review of Charles Day

I have been working with Charles for the past four months and have been incredibly pleased. Charles is very professional, knowledgeable and personalized. He really knows fitness and nutrition, and I have learned a great deal from him. For so far I have lost 15.5 inches and become significantly stronger and have seen the recomposition of my body under his guidance. I truly enjoy working with Charles and highly recommend him. He is totally dedicated to his profession and is willing to share his knowledge, experience and wisdom. He knows how much to push and when you can do just one more…or…five. Lol! I feel blessed and privileged to be working with Charles and look always forward to my workouts. I have been hooked on Weight Lifting! I encourage anyone who is considering a healthier lifestyle or wants to get leaner to hook-up with Charles and let him guide you toward your goals. I thank God and you Charles for changing my body!

Rianna O.